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GHA Trail Quality Branding

A criteria system with guidelines (e.g. ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’) is an instrument to assess & certify the attractiveness of walking trails. The GI form is supported by a GHA brochure, the ERA guidance on trail marking and the presentation given in CERTESS Workshop 2 (Salzburg) in December 2012.

ECO Certification Scheme

The ECO certification scheme is the national standard for ensuring the environmental, socioeconomic, and cultural sustainability of hotels on the Maltese Islands and has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council as fully reflecting the GSTC criteria.

Study on cycle route quality criteria

This study on “Quality criteria for Cycle Routes and Cycle Route Enterprise” - prepared and issued in 2011-12 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth based on qualitative (50 criteria catalogues) and quantitative (guest survey with n=1000; ) basis, analysed the importance and relevance of quality criteria for a successful cycle route and related enterprises.

Manual for cycle friendly tourism enterprises

The objective of this manual is to support innovative tourism enterprises which have recognized visitors from transnational / national cycling routes as important target guest group of the future. It provides guidelines and quality criteria for route partners, specifically in the field of accommodation and gastronomy, and it aims at enhancing their service standards and become a “cycle friendly tourism company”.

Odysseus in Andalusia

The Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”, which begins with the Mediterranean space has authority to reveal and to make accessible to public of different ages and different cultures the chapters of their common history, by leaning on the identical European cultural, patrimonial and landscaped markers. The main objective is to improve and structure new offers and tourist services of excellence making of each regional destination and harbour city a single stopover, on the basis of a common European reference frame.

Karelia á la carte

Main objectives of the practice is: - To help promotion of the service networks - To get new visitors to the service networks - To get the common understanding of the service networks identity and shared values - To help to deliver these values and ideas to the potential customers sharing the same kind of interests. A Quality Manual is also enclosed (Word attachment).

Cammini d’Europa Branding

B2 SERVICES > All | This enterprise accreditation system is part of a programme of activities related to the St. Francis Route, an Italian itinerary that from Assisi (Umbria) leads to Rome through the territory of Rieti province (Lazio). The Province of Rieti is little known as a tourist destination and for this reason few years ago, following the well known example of Caminos de Santiago (Spain), the provincial administration started promoting the Route as an opportunity for visibility and knowledge of the whole area.


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