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System for Recommending Lower Silesian Tourism Products and Service Providers

The Regional Recommendation System of Tourism Service Providers and Certification System of Lower Silesia Tourism Products (SRC) was the first in the region and one of the few comprehensive systems in Poland applied to the tourism sector. It was introduced by Lower Silesian Tourist Organization under the auspices of and in cooperation with the Local Government of Lower Silesia. The recommendation includes both stakeholders of the tourism market and certified tourism products.

European Heritage Label

The European Heritage Label designates sites which have played a key role in the history of the European Union; it is not about a site's beauty or architectural quality but rather its symbolic value for European integration. It is not about conservation of sites in itself but rather the activities they offer and their educational dimension, especially for young generations.

French Label “Vignobles et Découvertes” for Iter Vitis

Launched in 2009, the label Vignobles & Découvertes aims at promoting the tourism on the thematic wine and wine-yard. The label is a collective brand “Vignobles & Découvertes” : its management, award procedure and renewal and its protection are governed by specific regulations (Regulations and application form are shown in the Annexes to this GI form). The label is attributed for 3 years to a touristic and wine-oriented destination by the Ministers of tourism and Agriculture, upon recommendation of the Superior Council of Wine Tourism.

Birding Calvià branding

The Birding Calvià tourism product is a proposal aimed at making the wealth of birdlife in the town of Calvià accessible to tourists. For this purpose a website has been created (http://www.birdingcalvia.com) and ornithology routes have been prepared around the town. The next stage is to implement the Birding Calvià brand for infrastructures receiving tourism (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.) which comply with a series of requirements and information about the product.

'Eco-Romania' Ecotourism Certification System

The 'Eco-Romania' ecotourism certification system is a mechanism that recognizes the compliance of ecotourism products developed by agencies and tour-operators, local communities and accommodation facilities to the requirements of nature conservation principles, of sustainable development of local communities and of promotion of natural and cultural assets. The certification system operates with a set of criteria established by the Association of Ecotourism in Romania, that must be fulfilled by the products of the tour operator undergoing the certification procedure.

GHA Host Quality Branding

A quality brand for hosts as developed by the German Hiking Association ensures high quality standards for accommodation facilities and restaurants along a cultural route. Together with hosts and restaurants it is able to identify and integrate particularly target group oriented offers and ensure to satisfy the requirements of the visitors.


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