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SY CULTour - Joint Institutional Framework Analysis"

This document entitled "Joint institutional framework analysis" and developed as Work Package 3.1 within the project SY CULTour financed by the Programme "South-East Europe" is the most up to date collection of laws, regulations, statements, declarations and other official documents concerning cultural values management in South East Europe and beyond.

Indicators of sustainable development for tourist destinations. A guidebook

This volume is built on the studies and workshops, and on the experience of some 60 experts and practitioners working on indicators in more than 20 countries. It is intended to bring information on the state of the art in development and use of indicators to those who need good information and who can influence the future of tourism and its destinations.


The European Commission aims to address the present lack of a widely accepted process and methodology for the sustainable management of destinations using a shared system of indicators and to move towards more comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable ways of working, by providing an indicator system for destinations to be used on a voluntary basis. The system will consist in a toolkit, with a set of indicators and a step-by step guide, useful for local tourism destination managers.


The partnership of CrossCulTour developed and implemented eight transnational tools: Online Questionnaire, Knowledge Platform, Monitoring Scheme, Maps and Signs, two Summer Schools, CC Youth Course and Audio Guides. A sales manual as brochure and on CD, a travel magazine as e-paper and printed version as well as two business newsletters have been created. CrossCulTour has developed and implemented eight joint strategies resp. action plans.

Guidelines for measuring competitiveness in tourism

This guide provides a measurement framework that includes a short list of core and additional indicators to guide governments in their analysis of tourism competitiveness and to inform tourism policy development. It offers an overall view of the main determinants of competitiveness to be taken into account by active policies in tourism. The report was reviewed and approved by the OECD Tourism Committee on 10 April 2013.

Project Management Guidelines ISO 16003:2003

D2 MANAGEMENT > Manage technical aspect | This document constitutes an example of a Governance Instrument form, initially compiled by LP in order to facilitate the preparation of similar forms by other project partners. The example provided refers to the ISO 16003:2003 Guidelines for Project Management and constitutes an useful guidance for the quality management of complex projects.
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