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South–western Cistercian Route in Lower Silesia

The project has contributed in increasing the attractiveness of Lower Silesia, and promotion of Cistercian cultural heritage in the country and abroad via activities such as: creation of tourist and road signing of post-Cistercian buildings in Lower Silesia, construction of car parking, toilets, tourist information centers, info-kiosks, carrying out quantitative and qualitative research of tourism movement and promotional campaign of the route using billboards, websites, folders etc.

Via Francigena Survey, Assessment & Guidelines

Objectives of these guidelines are: (a) Ensure a complete and adequate survey of the Francigena Route route; (b) Assess present trail conditions; (c) Provide shared guidelines for trail improvement actions. Annex 1 provided an example of survey forms filled for Tract 1 to 3 of the trail, while Annex 2 provides the technical guidelines with graphical sketches drafted for trail improvement interventions. Both docs are in Italian. Within CERTESS, Partner 8 has translated into Czech three Annexes (zip file enclosed)

Signposting of hiking, skiing & off-road cycling paths

Marking is governed by its methodology. Tourism marking system in the Czech Republic is the most reliable and best not only in Europe but also in the world. Rules and Methodology of Czech tourism marking system are applied even in some neighbouring states. Marking of hiking paths and their regular maintenance is one of the most important activities of the Czech Tourism Club (CTC). They are engaged in marking of hiking paths since 1889 and in marking of cycling and cross-country skiing paths since 1997. At the end of 2008, the Czech Republic indicated a total of 40782 km of hiking paths.

Digital path management

With the digital path management software, the German Hiking Association offers an innovative tool for an online path management system. The concept is practical and effective for securing, editing and managing hiking or other paths’ data. Besides the pure data management, the software also offers the possibility of coordinating technical path works and facilitates the communication between all involved parties. Thus, the system guarantees the path maintenance with consistent standards.

GHA Trail Quality Branding

A criteria system with guidelines (e.g. ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’) is an instrument to assess & certify the attractiveness of walking trails. The GI form is supported by a GHA brochure, the ERA guidance on trail marking and the presentation given in CERTESS Workshop 2 (Salzburg) in December 2012.

Methodological notes on Via Francigena

Main objectives of these methodological notes issued as Annex A to DGR n.820/2007 are to: (a) Mark the Via Francigena (VF) historical trail on the regional technical map at scale 1:10.000; (b) Identify & design for a permanent pedestrian, cycling & horse riding trail along the old alignment; (c) Identify the historical, artistic, monumental, archaeological and environmental points of interest to be improved and restored where necessary; (d) Identify the actions required for improving and upgrading the touristic hospitality structures; (e) Identify the actions required for implementing


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