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Route of Fortified Churches in Romania

B2 SERVICES > Information + B3 POINTS OF INTEREST > Cultural heritage | This Good Practice is part of a programme of information activities on the Route of Fortified Churches pertaining to the cultural landscape of 7 rural villages of Southern Transylvania founded in the middle ages by immigrant German Saxons and dominated by their fortified churches (once more than 300), that illustrate building styles from 13th to 16th century. Identified villages were listed in 1993 under n.596 in UNESCO World Heritage List. The Route initiative started in 2007 with support from EICR.

Odysseus in Andalusia

The Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”, which begins with the Mediterranean space has authority to reveal and to make accessible to public of different ages and different cultures the chapters of their common history, by leaning on the identical European cultural, patrimonial and landscaped markers. The main objective is to improve and structure new offers and tourist services of excellence making of each regional destination and harbour city a single stopover, on the basis of a common European reference frame.

Visitor guidance

Main objectives of the practice is: - Get new visitors to the routes - Give people a possibility to understand that they are in a route, not just in a certain interest point - Give a game-like experiment to the visitors, makes it possible for the younger people to get interested about the routes. - Families are at the focus group. - Give a possibility to track the amount of visitors in the routes online - Give a possibility to guide visitors through the route.

The spiritual heritage of Moravia and Silesia

4 Moravian regions (South Moravian, Olomouc, Moravian - Silesian, Zlin) each year prepare together promotional materials for various tourist segments (hiking, biking, cross country skiing, etc.) to promote the tourism potential of Moravia and Moravia as a whole. Partners - Regions perceive the potential of pilgrim tourism, so they decided to issue a common guide for pilgrim tourism segment. Moreover, there will be 1150th anniversary of the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius to the Great Moravia Empire in 2013.

Pilgrimage Route Velehrad – Holy Hostyn

The pilgrimage route was created with the aim to revive the tradition of pilgrimage, based on existence of historical pilgrimage route Via Romea Slavorum (Route of Slavonic Roman pilgrims). The section of the route between Holy Hostyn and Velehrad is the first branch of possible future network of pilgrimage routes, which continues on historical pilgrimage route Via Romea Slavorum. Pilgrimage route is equipped with 25 shelters and information desks with touristic, topographic and religious content. The trail is marked in terrain.


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