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Digital path management

With the digital path management software, the German Hiking Association offers an innovative tool for an online path management system. The concept is practical and effective for securing, editing and managing hiking or other paths’ data. Besides the pure data management, the software also offers the possibility of coordinating technical path works and facilitates the communication between all involved parties. Thus, the system guarantees the path maintenance with consistent standards.

GHA Trail Quality Branding

A criteria system with guidelines (e.g. ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’) is an instrument to assess & certify the attractiveness of walking trails. The GI form is supported by a GHA brochure, the ERA guidance on trail marking and the presentation given in CERTESS Workshop 2 (Salzburg) in December 2012.

Black Forest Card Apportionment System

The Black Forest Tourism GmbH invented the idea in cooperation with local municipalities to create a network consisting of various public and private institutions such as local guesthouses/hotels and private or public providers of social, cultural and leisure offers in the natural region of the Black Forest. The network’s economic structure is based on an apportionment system: a part of the accommodation rate per overnight stay goes to cultural and leisure institutions or to public transport providers.

Route of Sepharad

B2 SERVICES > Information | The project aims at promoting on an international level the Jewish heritage of the member cities of the Red de Juderías de España (Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters) by providing selected information accessible by use of web GIS applications.


B2 SERVICES > Information | Clunypedia is a platform gathering all types of knowledge about Cluny : texts, plans, drawings, bibliographies, iconographies, audio and video document. This tool enables also the production of increased reality (3D modelisation) applications. All documents are provided to the public falling within 4 main targets: tourism professionals, large audience/children, disabled people, scientists.

Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Training

The Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Education Course were jointly developed in June 2012 by the partners of the European St. James Routes (LEADER/EFRE) transnational project . These guidelines aim at a developing sustainable services to promote and support the visits along the St. James Route. One instrument is the introduction of a common certificate/ quality criteria ensuring a sustainable and high quality adult education training for Pilgrimage Tutors.

Study on cycle route quality criteria

This study on “Quality criteria for Cycle Routes and Cycle Route Enterprise” - prepared and issued in 2011-12 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth based on qualitative (50 criteria catalogues) and quantitative (guest survey with n=1000; ) basis, analysed the importance and relevance of quality criteria for a successful cycle route and related enterprises.


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