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Alhambra & Generalife Master Plan 2007-2015

Drafted by 40 experts, the MP contains 154 measures organized around 4 strategic axes.: preservation, cultural landscape, sustainability, information society and knowledge. In the practical application of the MP, measures are the last link in the structure that contains the instructions to develop a concrete action, by forming an ordered system of multiple and open entries that establish a complex network of internal relations.

Route of Castles & Battles. Inter-institutional cooperation agreement

Main purposes of this project are to: (a) Position the Castle & Battles Route as one of the most important tourist and cultural products market; (b) Create, preserve, improve, develop and protect local resources and tourism in the Jaén province; (c) Develop and encourage the creation of innovative and quality products; (d) Involve the business sector and public awareness in a culture of quality tourism. The presentation of Jaén province, herein Annex, provides a detailed insight of the Castles and Battles route.

Lazio Regional Law n. 40/1999

LR n.40 is a regional hard law issued by the Lazio regional government in 1999. Main scope of the law is: a) to enhance the environmental, cultural and touristic components of the regional territory, while coping with environmental protection, to contribute to economic, entrepreneurial and employment development of the regional community (art.1, c1), and (b) To promote and facilitate the preparation and implementation of integrated planning drafted according to the objectives set and articulated in specific sectoral actions. (art.1, c2).
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