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Black Forest Card (Hochschwarzwald Card)

Black Forest card is a RFID chip card for tourist to use mobility, leisure and cultural offers in the Black Forest region for free. The card is based on an apportionment system. A part of the hotel’s and guest houses´ accommodation revenues go to leisure and cultural institutions and a smaller part (15% of the apportionment rate) is invested in marketing and support. Tourists who stay 2 nights and longer get this card for free. They are then able to use public transport and more than 60 leisure and cultural offers for free.

Routes of el Legado Andalusí

The objectives set by El Legado Andalusí Foundation are based on the reassessment and dissemination of the Spanish-Muslim civilisation by means of its art and culture and historical and social relationships with the Arab world, the Mediterranean environment and the Latin America. The activities we are developing to achieve these objectives include the promotion of cultural and rural tourism, traditional arts, the protection and restoration of our vast heritage of monuments and art.Peninsula Promote the towns of the Routes of al-Andalus.

Odysseus in Baleares

The Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”, which begins with the Mediterranean space has authority to reveal and to make accessible to public of different ages and different cultures the chapters of their common history, by leaning on the identical European cultural, patrimonial and landscaped markers. The main objective is to improve and structure new offers and tourist services of excellence making of each regional destination and harbour city a single stopover, on the basis of a common European reference frame.

Project Management Guidelines ISO 16003:2003

D2 MANAGEMENT > Manage technical aspect | This document constitutes an example of a Governance Instrument form, initially compiled by LP in order to facilitate the preparation of similar forms by other project partners. The example provided refers to the ISO 16003:2003 Guidelines for Project Management and constitutes an useful guidance for the quality management of complex projects.


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