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‘Educational tours of Andalusia’ programme

Objectives of the programme are to: (a) Improve the student through the trails in their personal development and the acquisition of basic skills such as competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical and natural world, the social and civic competence, cultural competence and artistic or competition for autonomy and personal initiative, among others; (b) Promote values identification, preservation and conservation of the cultural environment that surrounds the pupil.

Study on cycle route quality criteria

This study on “Quality criteria for Cycle Routes and Cycle Route Enterprise” - prepared and issued in 2011-12 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth based on qualitative (50 criteria catalogues) and quantitative (guest survey with n=1000; ) basis, analysed the importance and relevance of quality criteria for a successful cycle route and related enterprises.

Visitor guidance

Main objectives of the practice is: - Get new visitors to the routes - Give people a possibility to understand that they are in a route, not just in a certain interest point - Give a game-like experiment to the visitors, makes it possible for the younger people to get interested about the routes. - Families are at the focus group. - Give a possibility to track the amount of visitors in the routes online - Give a possibility to guide visitors through the route.

Open Gates

It is not usual to open up the religious monuments for tourists in the Czech Republic. Eastern Moravia (Zlin Region) has a number of important religious monuments including places of pilgrimage. The project was launched in 2008, with the aim to open up selected religious monuments. Zlin Region, Olomouc archdiocese, parishes, municipalities and East – Moravian Tourist Authority are cooperating in this project. Information and marketing materials with information about sites opened were made. The project also created a job for guides (145 persons).

Cammini d’Europa Branding

B2 SERVICES > All | This enterprise accreditation system is part of a programme of activities related to the St. Francis Route, an Italian itinerary that from Assisi (Umbria) leads to Rome through the territory of Rieti province (Lazio). The Province of Rieti is little known as a tourist destination and for this reason few years ago, following the well known example of Caminos de Santiago (Spain), the provincial administration started promoting the Route as an opportunity for visibility and knowledge of the whole area.

KIRA Cultural Tourism in the Heilbronn-Franken region

KIRA is a cultural tourism network which was founded with the intention to build and establish an efficient interconnection/ interlinking of tourism, culture, economy, administration and tourism affine institutions in the Heilbronn-Franken region in the North of Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is developed by the project’s initiator “Kultur und Arbeit e.V.” in collaboration with stakeholders of the relevant branches.


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