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KIRA Networking Table and Joint Platform

The networking table is a simple but effective instrument to bring various people working directly or indirectly in cultural tourism in a region together. The networking table is defined as a physical established meeting place where actors in cultural tourism meet on a regular basis. The objective is to turn actors in cultural tourism from competitors into partners in order to jointly create new products and services and to jointly develop cultural tourism offers.

GHA Host Quality Branding

A quality brand for hosts as developed by the German Hiking Association ensures high quality standards for accommodation facilities and restaurants along a cultural route. Together with hosts and restaurants it is able to identify and integrate particularly target group oriented offers and ensure to satisfy the requirements of the visitors.

Stakeholder Analysis

This is an analytical tool establishing a 4-stage process for the identification and active involvement of stakeholders in project/programme related activities. The instrument consists of a set of Guidelines plus blank documents (templates). Ref. A2 PROMOTERS > Stakeholders involvement.

NECSTouR - Statute

The objective of this instrument is to show the functioning governance of the NECSTour network. The network gathers a total of 57 members (27 full members, 30 associated members). The instrument also indicates members' rights and obligations, structure of NECSTouR’s bodies and their role and involvement in the network.


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