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‘Educational tours of Andalusia’ programme

Objectives of the programme are to: (a) Improve the student through the trails in their personal development and the acquisition of basic skills such as competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical and natural world, the social and civic competence, cultural competence and artistic or competition for autonomy and personal initiative, among others; (b) Promote values identification, preservation and conservation of the cultural environment that surrounds the pupil.

Convention & Implementation Plan for Mudejar & Baroque Cultural Route in Mexico

Main purpose of this instrument, in the form of an agreement, is the economic and social development of Mexico through the promotion of international cooperation between Spain and Mexico, promoting cultural tourism and encouraging the dissemination of artistic and cultural heritage common to the two countries, contributing to capacity building and participation of the local population, increasing the sustainable use of heritage resources, in turn contributing to territorial cohesion and the reduction of economic inequalities.

Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Training

The Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Education Course were jointly developed in June 2012 by the partners of the European St. James Routes (LEADER/EFRE) transnational project . These guidelines aim at a developing sustainable services to promote and support the visits along the St. James Route. One instrument is the introduction of a common certificate/ quality criteria ensuring a sustainable and high quality adult education training for Pilgrimage Tutors.

Study on cycle route quality criteria

This study on “Quality criteria for Cycle Routes and Cycle Route Enterprise” - prepared and issued in 2011-12 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth based on qualitative (50 criteria catalogues) and quantitative (guest survey with n=1000; ) basis, analysed the importance and relevance of quality criteria for a successful cycle route and related enterprises.

Manual for cycle friendly tourism enterprises

The objective of this manual is to support innovative tourism enterprises which have recognized visitors from transnational / national cycling routes as important target guest group of the future. It provides guidelines and quality criteria for route partners, specifically in the field of accommodation and gastronomy, and it aims at enhancing their service standards and become a “cycle friendly tourism company”.


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