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The partnership of CrossCulTour developed and implemented eight transnational tools: Online Questionnaire, Knowledge Platform, Monitoring Scheme, Maps and Signs, two Summer Schools, CC Youth Course and Audio Guides. A sales manual as brochure and on CD, a travel magazine as e-paper and printed version as well as two business newsletters have been created. CrossCulTour has developed and implemented eight joint strategies resp. action plans.

Regulations governing the Camí de Cavalls

This GI presents an example of how a traditional route that is of scenic, cultural and heritage interest has been legally regulated. This is the GR223 cultural and scenic route known as the Camí de Cavalls. The aim of this GI is to legally establish the obligations, duties and structure of this traditional and cultural route that runs around the entire island of Menorca.

BIC Lazio ICult Viterbo Cultural Enterprise Incubator

Main objectives of this incubatore are to : (a) encourage the development of culture at regional level; (b) promote the creation of a territorial context conducive to the emergence and development of cultural and creative enterprises; (c) develop and assist start-up enterprises and business models for the enhancement of cultural, historical and artistic heritage; (d) promote employment in the cultural and creative sector.

Governance of Cultural Routes

NECSTouR within its task force aims at elaborating an outline to analyse the governance of certified Routes The outline also aims at preparing cultural routes at the regional level in order to provide information on how the region is involved in developing cultural routes in various areas. The outline also concerns the modalities of mapping the financial, human and marketing management of cultural routes. The document is aimed, finally, at collecting data on the Cultural Routes per se and on the means and way of Regional Governance.

Organizational and Management Structure of the candidate ECR of Saints Cyril and Methodius

In the interest of managing the preparation and implementation of ECR CM, the Zlín Region and the East-Moravian Tourist Authority will establish an organization for further expanding and developing the activities implemented within the framework of this project. Establishing the professional association of legal entities "European Cultural Route of Saints Cyril and Methodius" according to the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, which the Board of the Zlín Region approved by its resolution no.

Guidelines for measuring competitiveness in tourism

This guide provides a measurement framework that includes a short list of core and additional indicators to guide governments in their analysis of tourism competitiveness and to inform tourism policy development. It offers an overall view of the main determinants of competitiveness to be taken into account by active policies in tourism. The report was reviewed and approved by the OECD Tourism Committee on 10 April 2013.


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