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Odysseus in Baleares

The Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”, which begins with the Mediterranean space has authority to reveal and to make accessible to public of different ages and different cultures the chapters of their common history, by leaning on the identical European cultural, patrimonial and landscaped markers. The main objective is to improve and structure new offers and tourist services of excellence making of each regional destination and harbour city a single stopover, on the basis of a common European reference frame.

The Phoenicians’ Route

The «Phoenicians’ Route» is an international Cultural Route based on the intercultural Mediterranean dialogue, approved by the Council of Europe. The Route crosses 18 Mediterranean countries, with more than 80 towns of Phoenician-Punic origin and culture. The «Phoenicians’ Route» allows the connection of maritime routes that were created on the XII century B.C by the Phoenician people as main channels of trade and cultural communication in the Mediterranean. These routes became an integral and basic part of the Mediterranean culture.


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