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Stakeholder Analysis

This is an analytical tool establishing a 4-stage process for the identification and active involvement of stakeholders in project/programme related activities. The instrument consists of a set of Guidelines plus blank documents (templates). Ref. A2 PROMOTERS > Stakeholders involvement.

‘Educational tours of Andalusia’ programme

Objectives of the programme are to: (a) Improve the student through the trails in their personal development and the acquisition of basic skills such as competence in knowledge and interaction with the physical and natural world, the social and civic competence, cultural competence and artistic or competition for autonomy and personal initiative, among others; (b) Promote values identification, preservation and conservation of the cultural environment that surrounds the pupil.

Lazio Regional Law n. 40/1999

LR n.40 is a regional hard law issued by the Lazio regional government in 1999. Main scope of the law is: a) to enhance the environmental, cultural and touristic components of the regional territory, while coping with environmental protection, to contribute to economic, entrepreneurial and employment development of the regional community (art.1, c1), and (b) To promote and facilitate the preparation and implementation of integrated planning drafted according to the objectives set and articulated in specific sectoral actions. (art.1, c2).

Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Training

The Qualification Guidelines for a European Pilgrim Tutor Education Course were jointly developed in June 2012 by the partners of the European St. James Routes (LEADER/EFRE) transnational project . These guidelines aim at a developing sustainable services to promote and support the visits along the St. James Route. One instrument is the introduction of a common certificate/ quality criteria ensuring a sustainable and high quality adult education training for Pilgrimage Tutors.


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