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Eastern Moravia Pilgrimage Routes

Pilgrimage route created between Holy Hostyn and Velehrad brought an opportunity to prepare tourism product with the offer of an active pilgrimage. East Moravian Tourist Authority prepared this offer upon suggestion by European Routes promotional organization (I Cammini d´Europa). The specific of this offer is the process of product itinerary creation. This Itinerary, that contains cognition of history, wandering between pilgrimage places, tasting regional cuisine, stay in Luhačovice Spa, was at first verified in practice by two Italian Tourists.

Moravian Amber Trail I

Main objective of the project was to increase the participation of tourism on economic prosperity in Moravian and Silesian region and enforce this destination on domestic and foreign markets. Specifically, it was the elimination of one of the major weaknesses of the former tourism around the Moravian region - lack of marketable tourism products and underdeveloped system of targeted marketing.

Routes of el Legado Andalusí

The objectives set by El Legado Andalusí Foundation are based on the reassessment and dissemination of the Spanish-Muslim civilisation by means of its art and culture and historical and social relationships with the Arab world, the Mediterranean environment and the Latin America. The activities we are developing to achieve these objectives include the promotion of cultural and rural tourism, traditional arts, the protection and restoration of our vast heritage of monuments and art.Peninsula Promote the towns of the Routes of al-Andalus.

Ruta de la Pedra en Sec

Consell de Mallorca is the manager and promoter of the Ruta de Pedra en Sec (Dry Stone Route), the first long-distance footpath in the Balearic Islands approved as GR 221 by the Spanish Mountaineering Federation. This territory has a rich building heritage and dry stone paths which make this area an important trekking destination. This heritage is so important that in 2010 was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the category of Cultural Landscape.

Odysseus in Baleares

The Euro Mediterranean Cultural Itinerary “ODYSSEUS – Mythical and initiatory travels in the Mediterranean”, which begins with the Mediterranean space has authority to reveal and to make accessible to public of different ages and different cultures the chapters of their common history, by leaning on the identical European cultural, patrimonial and landscaped markers. The main objective is to improve and structure new offers and tourist services of excellence making of each regional destination and harbour city a single stopover, on the basis of a common European reference frame.

The Phoenicians’ Route

The «Phoenicians’ Route» is an international Cultural Route based on the intercultural Mediterranean dialogue, approved by the Council of Europe. The Route crosses 18 Mediterranean countries, with more than 80 towns of Phoenician-Punic origin and culture. The «Phoenicians’ Route» allows the connection of maritime routes that were created on the XII century B.C by the Phoenician people as main channels of trade and cultural communication in the Mediterranean. These routes became an integral and basic part of the Mediterranean culture.

Mozart Cycle Path (Mozart-Radweg)

The objective of this project is to link the cultural route and places of „Mozarts journeys“ with the regional sites of the lake districts surrounding the city of Salzburg, stretching into the county Salzburg and Bavaria. It links many locations at which Mozart was working (historically proved): Chiemgau, Berchtesgadener Land and Salzburger Land. In combination with biking routes, guests can discover historical spots about Mozart’s journey. A mosaic of historically documented "Mozart spots" are interconnected by the Mozart Cycle Path.

Virtual Hallein Tours "Salt-Celts-Culture"

In the framework of an EU Programme (Leader, 2007-2013 LAG) a virtual tour-guide with 2 cultural routes (Hallein-City Tour-Guide & Virtual Route Knappensteig) inclusive of route content (3D specs) were developed, tested and implemented. The aim of the tour-guide is to establish two short cultural routes for tourists through the historical cultural region of Hallein (Tennengau) and the city of Hallein. It links both cultural city spots and a historical region, the DÜRNBERG, a historical mountainous region linking Austria and Germany (Bavaria).


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