Zlin Region

Martin Peterka
tel : 420.577.043.416


Regional Authority of the Zlin Region, through Department of the Strategic Development of the Region, ensures and coordinates development activities in the field of tourism. Development of tourism is one of the main strategic priorities defined in basic strategic plans and documents of the Zlin Region. It retains competence in coordination of the tourist development in the tourist region East Moravia focusing on maximum utilization of tourist potential in the territory. Main goal is to help the economic growth and employment of the region, increasing attendance of the region in its individual tourist areas and establishing network of partners and services in tourism field. Zlin Region has sufficient personal capacity to implement this project regarding proficiency, experience, skills and knowledge. The institution has all necessary technical equipment to manage the project as well.
As a partner of CERTESS, it intends to participate to the various project activities, in particular tutoring activities as a "receiving partner" in order to streamline best practice processes together with governance instruments into the Regional Implementation Plan.


Trida Tomase Bati 21
76190  Zlin
Czech Republic