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Veronika Hornung
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Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft is the non-profit research organisation of the State of Salzburg, Austria.It conducts applied research in the areas of information and communication technologies (ICT) with a focus on creating and managing digital content. It is certified according to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard. Salzburg Research presently employs about 70 people across the research departments, Innovation Lab, Advanced Networking Centre, Mobile- and Web-based Information Systems, and Knowledge and Media Technologies. Its main research areas include e-Tourism, e-Health, Intelligent Mobility, Knowledge and Media Management, and Innovation Management. Salzburg Research has participated in many regional, national and European projects and has a particular strength in interdisciplinary research, investigating not only technology, but also its socio-economic impact.
In regards to cultural heritage, Salzburg Research builds on in-depth expertise from many research, policy-support and consultancy projects carried out for the European Commission, the Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, and individual cultural organisations. Selected projects are: Hallein Tourguide / Heritage Alive! Leveraging the Value of World Heritage Sites in the Regions-EU, Interreg IIIB (coordinated by Salzburg Research) / Hist.Urban. Integrated Revitalisation of Historic Towns: 2006-2008, EU, Interreg IIIB/ EPOCH - Excellence in Processing Open Heritage: 2004-2008, EU FP6-IST NoE / Austrian Digital Heritage Initiative: 2003-2005/ Minerva-Plus. Ministerial Network for Valorising Activities in digitisation: 2004-2005, EU, FP5-IST/ DigiCULT .
P4 has extensive expertise in conducting ICT strategy reports and sector roadmaps for the development and uptake of applications (DigiCULT Roadmap, EP2010, OLCOS, EPOCH Research Agenda for Cultural Heritage ICT applications (2008).
In CERTESS, P4 will bring in its expertise from the Heritage Alive! Project.


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