Regional Ministry of Tourism and Commerce - Junta de Andalucia
Constantino Ramírez de Frías
Tel : +34 955 065109


The Regional Ministry of the Tourism and Commerce of the Independent Region of Andalusia, within the legal framework of the Spanish Constitution, its own Statute of Autonomy and the laws and regulations that develop them, has exclusive competence for the development of the tourist policy in the regional scope. Between whose aims it emphasizes the promotion of programs for the creation, promotion and commercialization of tourist products. Instruments of promotion of this tourist policy include Planes Turísticos (PT) and the Initiatives of Turismo Sostenible (ITS) developed from 1992 in various parts of the region in collaboration with Statal Administration, Local Administrations and enterprise associations. Among the over 100 PTs and ITS formulated until the present time, the most representative ones are:
• Ruta Múdejar, Ruta del Vino y Ruta del Aceite (PT Axarquía,Málaga)
• Ruta de los Conventos y los Patios (PT Granada)
• Ruta Etnográfica y Ruta del Cine (PT Níjar-Cabo de Gata, Almería)
• Ruta Minera (PT del Valle del Almanzora, Almería)
• Ruta Mozárabe-Jacobea y Ruta del Caminito del Rey (PT de los ríos Guadalhorce-Guadalteba, Málaga)
• Ruta de los Castillos y de las Batallas (PT Jaén)
• Ruta del Renacimiento, Jaén)
Within this same legal frame, the best evidence of the tourist policy of our Regional Ministry's support to the product development based on the cultural heritage in Andalusia is the contribution to the creation of the Foundation of the Andalusí Legacy, with seat in the city of Granada, within which are established up to ten "Routes of Al-Andalus”, recognized as a Great Cultural Itinerary by the Council of Europe and a significant contribution, therefore, to Component 3 Good Practices.
The Regional Ministry is thus capable to influence the local tourist policies regarding tourist development programs and cooperate with all above and other local organizations involved.


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