Mozart Cycle Path (Mozart-Radweg)

The objective of this project is to link the cultural route and places of „Mozarts journeys“ with the regional sites of the lake districts surrounding the city of Salzburg, stretching into the county Salzburg and Bavaria. It links many locations at which Mozart was working (historically proved): Chiemgau, Berchtesgadener Land and Salzburger Land. In combination with biking routes, guests can discover historical spots about Mozart’s journey. A mosaic of historically documented "Mozart spots" are interconnected by the Mozart Cycle Path.

Heritage Alive!

The main objective of this practise is the linkage and promotion of cultural heritage sites as resources for regional development and cultural learning of local people and visitors with innovative multimedia. Heritage Alive! has been a transregional partnership of municipalities and regional development agencies with the common goal to use digital media and technologies for promoting the economic and social value of cultural heritage sites.

Virtual Hallein Tours "Salt-Celts-Culture"

In the framework of an EU Programme (Leader, 2007-2013 LAG) a virtual tour-guide with 2 cultural routes (Hallein-City Tour-Guide & Virtual Route Knappensteig) inclusive of route content (3D specs) were developed, tested and implemented. The aim of the tour-guide is to establish two short cultural routes for tourists through the historical cultural region of Hallein (Tennengau) and the city of Hallein. It links both cultural city spots and a historical region, the DÜRNBERG, a historical mountainous region linking Austria and Germany (Bavaria).


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