Via Amerina e delle Forre Bio-District

As part of the general commitment of the international community on organic farming, the main scope of Bio-Districts is to promote the culture of the Organic (bio) and territorial approach so as to contribute to the achievement of sustainable management of resources, environmental compatibility, the enhancement of local pecularities and, therefore, the quality of life. In particular, a Bio-District enables a biological model to be promoted in the context of rural ethical, fair trade development .

BIC Lazio ICult Viterbo Cultural Enterprise Incubator

Main objectives of this incubatore are to : (a) encourage the development of culture at regional level; (b) promote the creation of a territorial context conducive to the emergence and development of cultural and creative enterprises; (c) develop and assist start-up enterprises and business models for the enhancement of cultural, historical and artistic heritage; (d) promote employment in the cultural and creative sector.

Via Francigena Survey, Assessment & Guidelines

Objectives of these guidelines are: (a) Ensure a complete and adequate survey of the Francigena Route route; (b) Assess present trail conditions; (c) Provide shared guidelines for trail improvement actions. Annex 1 provided an example of survey forms filled for Tract 1 to 3 of the trail, while Annex 2 provides the technical guidelines with graphical sketches drafted for trail improvement interventions. Both docs are in Italian. Within CERTESS, Partner 8 has translated into Czech three Annexes (zip file enclosed)

Amerina Route Area Operational Plan

The plan aims at attaining the following objectives: (a) Implement standardised procedures set by the regional authorities for formulating Area Operational Plans; (b) Establish procedures for the evaluation and selection of project packages and approval of the related Area Operational Plan; (c) Provide technical assistance to the municipal administration and stakeholder table in the formulation of the Area Operational Plan. Copy of the plan (in Italian) is appended. A version in Czech language was prepared by CERTESS Partner 8 (also enclosed)

Quality Manual

Scope of this manual is to ensure that all Integrated Planning Areas have a coordinated image by using a set of common communication tools developed and proposed at regional level. The translated version to Czech language, arranged by CERTESS Partner 8, is also enclosed.

Formello-YHA Hostel Commodate Agreement

Commodate Agreement entered between Formello Municipality and the Italian Youth Hostel Association to ensure the management of a municipal hostel at no cost to the owner by appointing a suitable organisation to be in charge of the above said management responsibility. Two presentations regarding the hostel, given by the Mayor of Formello in the occasion of Rome Tutoring Session n. 2 (February 2014) and Malta Mid-Term Seminar and Tutoring Session n.3 (March 2014), are also enclosed.

Methodological notes on Via Francigena

Main objectives of these methodological notes issued as Annex A to DGR n.820/2007 are to: (a) Mark the Via Francigena (VF) historical trail on the regional technical map at scale 1:10.000; (b) Identify & design for a permanent pedestrian, cycling & horse riding trail along the old alignment; (c) Identify the historical, artistic, monumental, archaeological and environmental points of interest to be improved and restored where necessary; (d) Identify the actions required for improving and upgrading the touristic hospitality structures; (e) Identify the actions required for implementing


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