GOPP Workshop Method

GOPP (Goal-Oriented Project Planning) is an innovative tool for project management in which interactive workshops involving all stakeholders in a project together with an external moderator are held at different points in the project lifecycle.

Visitor guidance

Main objectives of the practice is: - Get new visitors to the routes - Give people a possibility to understand that they are in a route, not just in a certain interest point - Give a game-like experiment to the visitors, makes it possible for the younger people to get interested about the routes. - Families are at the focus group. - Give a possibility to track the amount of visitors in the routes online - Give a possibility to guide visitors through the route.

Karelia á la carte

Main objectives of the practice is: - To help promotion of the service networks - To get new visitors to the service networks - To get the common understanding of the service networks identity and shared values - To help to deliver these values and ideas to the potential customers sharing the same kind of interests. A Quality Manual is also enclosed (Word attachment).
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