The partnership of CrossCulTour developed and implemented eight transnational tools: Online Questionnaire, Knowledge Platform, Monitoring Scheme, Maps and Signs, two Summer Schools, CC Youth Course and Audio Guides. A sales manual as brochure and on CD, a travel magazine as e-paper and printed version as well as two business newsletters have been created. CrossCulTour has developed and implemented eight joint strategies resp. action plans.

Stakeholder Analysis

This is an analytical tool establishing a 4-stage process for the identification and active involvement of stakeholders in project/programme related activities. The instrument consists of a set of Guidelines plus blank documents (templates). Ref. A2 PROMOTERS > Stakeholders involvement.

Route of Sepharad

B2 SERVICES > Information | The project aims at promoting on an international level the Jewish heritage of the member cities of the Red de Juderías de España (Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters) by providing selected information accessible by use of web GIS applications.


B2 SERVICES > Information | Clunypedia is a platform gathering all types of knowledge about Cluny : texts, plans, drawings, bibliographies, iconographies, audio and video document. This tool enables also the production of increased reality (3D modelisation) applications. All documents are provided to the public falling within 4 main targets: tourism professionals, large audience/children, disabled people, scientists.

Cammini d’Europa Branding

B2 SERVICES > All | This enterprise accreditation system is part of a programme of activities related to the St. Francis Route, an Italian itinerary that from Assisi (Umbria) leads to Rome through the territory of Rieti province (Lazio). The Province of Rieti is little known as a tourist destination and for this reason few years ago, following the well known example of Caminos de Santiago (Spain), the provincial administration started promoting the Route as an opportunity for visibility and knowledge of the whole area.

Project Management Guidelines ISO 16003:2003

D2 MANAGEMENT > Manage technical aspect | This document constitutes an example of a Governance Instrument form, initially compiled by LP in order to facilitate the preparation of similar forms by other project partners. The example provided refers to the ISO 16003:2003 Guidelines for Project Management and constitutes an useful guidance for the quality management of complex projects.


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