Lazio Region – Assessorato Cultura e Politiche Giovanili – Direzione Regionale Cultura e Politiche Giovanili


Lazio Region through the Regional Office of Culture and Youth Policies has a 'proven experience in integrated planning of cultural heritage, with the aim of promoting regional synergies aimed at sustainable development of tourism and exploitation in terms of cultural identity. The institution prepares and implements development plans based on the cultural & landscape assets, with the support of the Regional Law n. 40/1999, by aggregating portions of homogeneous areas in terms of cultural, historical and environmental characteristics, defined as "areas of integrated program". Those plans have recognized the historical routes as one of the themes of identity most representative of the Lazio Region and its cohesive history. The Regional Law 19/2006 also puts the Via Francigena as the center of a complex series of activities for the enhancement and promotion of Lazio.

By this project, Lazio Region makes available its operational experiences, both those implemented by the areas of integrated planning with regard to the historical routes, as well as those directly made on the regional territory, through the "Guidelines on Via Francigena", i.e the master plan to outline the technical and economic requirements for tasks to be performed, with information available also online. Lazio Region aims at achieving a shared setting of a strategic plan for territorial development, based on cultural heritage and aimed at enhancing historical routes, including the setting up of a web-observatory of "good practices" for developing a benchmark process. The Region also intends to convene regional meetings to share "good practices" with the involvement of local stakeholders and institutions at provincial and municipal level.


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