First Tutoring Session concluded.

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First Tutoring Session concluded.

The first tutoring session for CERTESS (INTERREG IVC) project partners, organized by the Lead Partner has taken place in Luxembourg between 22 and-24 January 2014. Most of CERTESS partners were present and made an essential contribution to the success of this session through their relevant questions and interventions. The speakers were coordinators of the Council of Europe cultural routes but also responsible of European Programmes of the Great Duchy of Luxembourg and of other regions. The Luxembourg Ministry of Culture was also present and exchanged good practices in cultural routes or instruments of governance with the other European regions.

This first tutoring session was centered on the question of how to start a new thematic regional cultural route (in cross-border where possible):
- what has to be anticipated from the beginning,
- how to choose and justify the theme of the route,
- how to create the coordination team,
- how to establish the supporting network,
- what are the essential elements for the planning,
- how to undertake a financing plan,
- how to identify and secure potential financing,
- how to create public-private partnerships,
- how to involve from the beginning the local populations all along the route,
- how to motivate the political decision-makers in order to sustain the creation of the route,
- how to set up an interdisciplinary scientific team which will be the responsible of the route content and of the chosen theme (scientific research),
- how to work with the associations interested in the subject, etc.

Many questions and answers but also very animated debates on the question of European and regional cultural routes have made this first session a platform of exchanges and sharing solutions between the project partners.

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24 January 2014

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