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Luxembourg Mid-Term Seminar Programme

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

In the frame of the European project "CERTESS", the European Institut of Cultural Routes organised a meeting of stakeholders of the cultural routes in the Greater Region on Friday 11th October 2013 in Luxembourg.
This meeting gathered the various local stakeholders in management or development of cultural routes in the Greater Region (Luxembourg, Lorraine, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate and Wallonia). It could be local administrative authorities, or associations and entreprises working in the cultural, artistic, touristic fields.

Presentation of CulTrips Europe

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

CulTrips Europe, European cooperation about participative cultural tourism

Presentation of Terroir Moselle

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Ségolène Charvet, GEIE Terroir Moselle coordinator – French-German-Luxembourgish cooperation

Strengthen the role of the cities in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg through sustainable and integrated urban politic

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Tom Becker, research collaborator, University of Luxembourg, Cellule nationale d'Information pour la Politique Urbaine (CIPU), Research Unit IPSE (Identités. Politiques, Sociétés, Espaces), Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning

File: CIPU.pdf

Presentation of the Saint Martin of Tours Route

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Ed Weber, Secretary of the "Geschichtsfrënn vun der Gemeng Nidderaanwen" (Friends of the history of Niederanven), Coordinator of the itinerary Saint Martin in Niederanven

Presentation of the European Route of Cistercian abbeys

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Jean-Pierre Mandy, Representative of the Administration Board of the European Charter of Cistercian abbeys and sites, managing director of "AMANOCLAIR" Friends of the Clairefontaine noble abbey

Presentation of the Iter Vitis Route

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Viviane Coursières, Animator of the Iter Vitis Route in France (Gaillac)

Presentation of the European Route of Jewish Heritage

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

François Moyse, President of the AEPJ (European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage)

File: AEPJ.pdf

Presentation of the Réseau Art Nouveau Network

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Anne-Lise Alleaume, Coordinator of Réseau Art Nouveau Network, Minister of Bruxelles-Capitale Region

Presentation of the Cultural Space Greater Region

Mid-Term Seminar in Luxembourg

Katharina Klein, secrétaire générale de l’Espace Culturel Grande Région

File: ECGR.pdf