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Alhambra & Generalife Master Plan 2007-2015

Drafted by 40 experts, the MP contains 154 measures organized around 4 strategic axes.: preservation, cultural landscape, sustainability, information society and knowledge. In the practical application of the MP, measures are the last link in the structure that contains the instructions to develop a concrete action, by forming an ordered system of multiple and open entries that establish a complex network of internal relations.

GOPP Workshop Method

GOPP (Goal-Oriented Project Planning) is an innovative tool for project management in which interactive workshops involving all stakeholders in a project together with an external moderator are held at different points in the project lifecycle.

Multilateral Project Agreement for the realization of the South–Western Cistercian route in Poland

This document was one of big milestone of the project and one cause of successful final of this project. It sets all rules and responsibilities of lead partner and partners in the project, range of partners activities, organization and internal communication plan, financial terms, information and promotion responsibilities and obligation of documentation, procedures.

System for Recommending Lower Silesian Tourism Products and Service Providers

The Regional Recommendation System of Tourism Service Providers and Certification System of Lower Silesia Tourism Products (SRC) was the first in the region and one of the few comprehensive systems in Poland applied to the tourism sector. It was introduced by Lower Silesian Tourist Organization under the auspices of and in cooperation with the Local Government of Lower Silesia. The recommendation includes both stakeholders of the tourism market and certified tourism products.

Implementation of Tourism Development Program in Lower Silesia

This regional program for tourism development divides the region into tourism sub-regions, that are established by municipalities and provincial authorities on the basis of a partnership agreement. The first step of activity of such a sub-regional partnership was creating the concept of a sub-regional tourist product; 12 products were so conceived on the basis of a common methodology prepared by Lower Silesian Tourist Organization.


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