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CERTESS partners have documented so far a multi-faceted experience by compiling 41 Good Practice and 83 Governance Instrument forms, each enriched by annexes containing in-depth information. Such wealth of knowledge, supported by a Tool Kit  (also available for download in this website - see in the Project Documents section) useful for preparing individual Route Implementation Plans and for other development goals, constitutes the CERTESS Knowledge Platform. The Platform is provided with a multi-task Search Tool to structure and explore the database. By clicking the icon below, you have access to the Database table. Search can be done: - by selecting first either the Good Practice category, and/or the Governance Instruments category and/or Other (documents) category, or all; - by clicking on any of the Theme (A1 and/or A2 etc.) or Sub-Theme (e.g. Route identification box in B1 and/or other Sub-themes); - the search can be also filtered by partners (All or Single Partner: LP, P1, P2 etc.), and then - clicking on the ‘Search’ button. In the list appearing in the lower part of the webpage, you may display any document by clicking its Title in each row. A document webpage shall so be displayed containing the following information: - Summary Description - Link to any Annexes (CERTESS Form plus supplementary information such as reports, workshop presentations, leaflets, brochures, templates etc.) - Pertinence of the referenced document to Themes and Sub-Themes of the Route Implementation Plan. Kindly, advise the Project Coordinator (http://certess.culture-routes.lu/contact) in case of any need for assistance.

Certess database & search platform