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Study Visit n.4 took place in Lazio region during the days from 18 to 20 September 2013.
On the 18th, partners visited Via Francigena and Via Amerina, ancient routes in Viterbo and Rome areas. The programme provided exchanges of experience and contacts with route managers and caretakers, organic farmer associations, an hostel operator and the director of an innovative cultural enterprise incubator.
on the 19th, the team travelled to the southern part of Lazio region, visiting Subiaco, Alatri and Casamari abbeys along the Via Benedicti.
On 20th, after the partner internal workshop, an open session meeting was hosted in Regione Lazio Headquarter in Rome, with the participation of stakeholders of the three regional Routes.
Upon return to their region, each partner will start coordinating the preparation of its individual Route Implementation Plan, to be completed by June 2014.
Below are the Agenda of the Study Visit and some presentations made during the visit. A photographic documentation of theevent is available in the Photogallery section.

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