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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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The partnership of CrossCulTour developed and implemented eight transnational tools: Online Questionnaire, Knowledge Platform, Monitoring Scheme, Maps and Signs, two Summer Schools, CC Youth Course and Audio Guides. A sales manual as brochure and on CD, a travel magazine as e-paper and printed version as well as two business newsletters have been created. CrossCulTour has developed and implemented eight joint strategies resp. action plans. This number derives from the CrossCulTour Transnational Strategy that has been developed on the basis of numerous analysis in order to define the framework for joint cross-marketing, target markets and product development. Six further Regional Strategy Breakdown Workshops have presented the approach to and discussed it with regional stakeholders and potential partners while Regional Strategy Breakdown and Product Development Concepts outline the regional activities in this field. A Charta on Cultural Tourism Development summarized the findings of the project and prepared the ground for sustainable work in cultural tourism.


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