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Birding Calvià branding

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Monday, August 5, 2013

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The Birding Calvià tourism product is a proposal aimed at making the wealth of birdlife in the town of Calvià accessible to tourists. For this purpose a website has been created (http://www.birdingcalvia.com) and ornithology routes have been prepared around the town. The next stage is to implement the Birding Calvià brand for infrastructures receiving tourism (hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.) which comply with a series of requirements and information about the product. The goals set for this initiative are to: (a) incorporate a new tourist attraction into the town of Calvià, with the aim of consolidating a multi-product destination; (b) make tourism less dependent on seasonal factors and diversifying the town’s attraction for tourists by incorporating new products relating to its natural and cultural heritage; (c) involve the private tourism sector in boosting initiatives that diversify the town’s attraction; (d) create new niches of employment associated with new tourism proposals.


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