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"European Cultural Routes". A Practical Guide

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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The "Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe" – also called "European Cultural Routes" – have proved successful projects: economically, touristic and not least ideational. This handbook shows what one must do in order to launch such a cultural route. The requirements are substantial, but not unattainable. In the end such a process should result in a certification by the Council of Europe and thus a solid USP for a region and its special places. Especially so-called structurally weak regions can benefit from the said certification. Recognizing this potential to identify usable synergies is a goal of this handbook. Functions and objectives of the Cultural Routes-Programme are explained in the first section of the handbook. The structure of the second section follows the steps required for the certification of a "Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe". The concluding section provides practical experiences of existing cultural routes and helpful advice for an application process to achieve a certification.


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