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Pilgrimage Route Velehrad – Holy Hostyn

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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The pilgrimage route was created with the aim to revive the tradition of pilgrimage, based on existence of historical pilgrimage route Via Romea Slavorum (Route of Slavonic Roman pilgrims). The section of the route between Holy Hostyn and Velehrad is the first branch of possible future network of pilgrimage routes, which continues on historical pilgrimage route Via Romea Slavorum. Pilgrimage route is equipped with 25 shelters and information desks with touristic, topographic and religious content. The trail is marked in terrain. The guidebook was also issued to this route. Group of pilgrimages are organized in both directions of the route, first of them was in 2008 (200 participants). The tourists also use this route or its parts, especially where the standard touristic marking is. This pilgrimage route is the basic part of tourism product offer „Pilgrimage Routes in Eastern Moravia“, which is offered by the network I Cammini d‘Europa to all Europeans, who are interested in pilgrimage places (pilgrimage tourism).


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