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Saxon Greenway

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

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B2 SERVICES > Hospitality, Food & beverage, Travel | The Saxon Greenway project was initiated, to develop and promote sustainable transport for local communities and tourists, by integrating the existing natural and cultural heritage conservation activities from this area into the framework of the European Greenways initiative. The Saxon Greenway is conceived as a thematic framework both for the local communities, to develop small sustainable businesses (e.g. traditional guesthouses, handcrafts, food & drink production, other services like carriage/horse/bicycle renting), and for tourists searching for unique places of natural and cultural interest. The Saxon Greenway uses county and local roads, as well as old carriage routes, located in the landscapes of high aesthetic and conservation value of the Sighişoara-Târnava Mare Natura 2000 Site of Community Importance. The Saxon Greenway is currently promoted - with the help of local biologists and tour guides - in conjunction with international thematic days (e.g. Earth Day, Heritage Day, European Mobility Week).


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