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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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B2 SERVICES > All | This enterprise accreditation system is part of a programme of activities related to the St. Francis Route, an Italian itinerary that from Assisi (Umbria) leads to Rome through the territory of Rieti province (Lazio). The Province of Rieti is little known as a tourist destination and for this reason few years ago, following the well known example of Caminos de Santiago (Spain), the provincial administration started promoting the Route as an opportunity for visibility and knowledge of the whole area. This choice represented a new beginning and it seemed fundamental to involve local tourism operators in the new project. The way to involve them was the scope of a trial procedure based on the Joint Accreditation of enterprises to 2 brands: 1) Q Italian Hospitality (OI), managed by ISNART (Tourism Study and Research Center belonging to the Italian Chambers of Commerce) 2) Cammini d’Europa (CdE) network, managed by CdE E.E.I.G. Objectives of the action were to: - Inform enterprises located along the St. Francis Route and belonging to set typologies and increase their awareness; - Involve those enterprises in the route promotion via the accreditation process; - Encourage them to increase their quality standards; - Promote the enterprises within ISNART and Cammini d’Europa networks.


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