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Quality Trail Evaluation System (Qualitätswanderweg)

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The Quality Trail Evaluation System is a German Certificate for high quality hiking trails in Germany. What makes this certificate special is the project initiator’s definition of quality. This definition is not restricted to the rating of the physical infrastructure or safety of a route. It is also intended to give tourists the opportunity to experience the route and route specific natural or cultural particularities. To get the certificate, routes have to meet a set of 23 quality criteria. These criteria are divided into the following 5 main topics: 1. The condition of the path, 2. The condition/user-friendliness of the path guidance system, 3. The attractiveness and the degree of variety of natural and cultural assets along the path, 5. The proximity to local facilities (public transport, resting places etc.). The trails are investigated by trained evaluators and the routes will be re-checked every 3 years. Apart from the Quality Trail Evaluation certificate, the German Hiking Association does also evaluate high-quality hosts (with regard to service quality but also in regard to local and regional cuisine). Furthermore a website (www.wanderbares-deutschland.de) was established for tourists to explore the route online, plan their hiking trail and inform themselves about hosts (certified and non-certified ones) along the route.


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