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Black Forest Card (Hochschwarzwald Card)

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Black Forest card is a RFID chip card for tourist to use mobility, leisure and cultural offers in the Black Forest region for free. The card is based on an apportionment system. A part of the hotel’s and guest houses´ accommodation revenues go to leisure and cultural institutions and a smaller part (15% of the apportionment rate) is invested in marketing and support. Tourists who stay 2 nights and longer get this card for free. They are then able to use public transport and more than 60 leisure and cultural offers for free. The Hochschwarzwald Tourism GmbH invented the idea in cooperation with local municipalities to create a network consisting of various public and private institutions such as local guest-houses/hotels and private or public providers of social, cultural and leisure offers in the natural region of the Black Forest. The idea is quite simple but successful: The network is based on an apportionment system – while a part of the accommodation rate goes to cultural or leisure or public transport institutions, the hotels are able to attract more tourists because the tourists get something for free. The project initiators refine and improve the Black Forest Card continuously. Currently, the Hochschwarzwald Tourismus GmbH integrates the Black Forest Card into their general eco strategy. Thus, eco services are getting implemented into the project’s conception, e.g. with e-mobility units offered.


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