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Virtual Hallein Tours "Salt-Celts-Culture"

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

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In the framework of an EU Programme (Leader, 2007-2013 LAG) a virtual tour-guide with 2 cultural routes (Hallein-City Tour-Guide & Virtual Route Knappensteig) inclusive of route content (3D specs) were developed, tested and implemented. The aim of the tour-guide is to establish two short cultural routes for tourists through the historical cultural region of Hallein (Tennengau) and the city of Hallein. It links both cultural city spots and a historical region, the DÜRNBERG, a historical mountainous region linking Austria and Germany (Bavaria). The historical link is the history of celtic culture and salt mining. The approach is exceptional, because it has established an “experience-based virtual” cultural tourism route by using a mobile information and communication technology infrastructure and access devices (iphone, ipad).


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